The focus of LTRC on safety-related research, training, and outreach has increased over the past five years as the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has affirmed its commitment to reducing the number of highway crashes which result in fatalities and serious injuries in the state. This commitment and attention resulted in the development of a State Strategy on Highway Safety -Destination Zero Deaths (DZD) which is congruent with the National Toward Zero Deaths Strategy.


To that end, the Louisiana Center for Transportation Safety, also known as LCTS or the Safety Center, was established in January 2015. LCTS's location within LTRC at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge provides access to academic partners and training facilities and enables coordination of safety research, workforce development, and stakeholder outreach across the many entities involved in the Louisiana Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). LCTS is funded by the state's key lead agencies in transportation safety and injury prevention. The hope is that this enhanced level of activity and collaboration will benefit not only the state of Louisiana but also regional and national safety improvement efforts.


The LCTS plans to build on the successes of LTRC and LA DOTD to ensure sustainable solutions are developed and implemented. There are four major initiatives managed through the Safety Center:


  • Safety research development and implementation
  • Workforce development, including academic training, workforce training, professional development, technical assistance, and knowledge transfer resources
  • Local road safety program outreach and application submission support
  • Coordination of SHSP/DZD activities


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