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NEW! Economic Effect of Restricted Crossing U-Turn Intersections
in Louisiana

The goal of this study is to analyze before and after sales tax data to assess the economic impact of Louisiana’s restricted crossing U-turn intersections on nearby businesses. A secondary goal is to assess the perception of business owners and residents near these intersections.

Connected Vehicle Research

Rail Crossing Safety Research





Highway Work Zone Construction Safety Research and Training: A Driving Simulator Study

The objectives of this project are to determine the effectiveness of an integrated virtual environment as a potential research apparatus for studying highway work zone safety and determine the potential of incorporating the integrated virtual environment in safety training for the LA DOTD.



NEW! Evaluating the Effectiveness of Regulatory and Warning Signs on Driver Behavior near Highway/Rail Crossings

The primary objective of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of regulatory and warning signs on driver behavior by analyzing the effectiveness of specific signage in reducing instances of stopped vehicles within the dynamic envelope of at-grade highway-rail crossings near roadway intersections.

Work Zone Safety Research

Highway Construction Work Zone Safety Performance and Improvement in Louisiana

The overall goal of this research is to improve work zone safety management. A sample of work zones will be selected, and crashes within these work zones and approaches will be reviewed to identify crash patterns. The research team will prepare recommendations for providing better data collection and identifying crash characteristics to reduce work zone crashes. This information can help design a program for use by the LA DOTD and other agencies.



Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Research

Pedestrians and Bicyclists Count: Developing a Statewide Multimodal Count Program

The objectives of this study are to research methodologies for counting pedestrians and bicycles, identify best practices for statewide count programs, evaluate available count technology, identify preferred methods for statewide deployment, and identify potential funding sources for implementation.



Infrastructure and Operations Safety Research

Evaluating Cell Phone Data for AADT Estimation

 Annual average daily traffic (AADT) is required to be reported annually by a state's DOT to the FHWA. This study will evaluate the accuracy of Streetlytics' traffic volume information compared to the traditional counts by LA DOTD, and make a recommendation as to whether DOTD can adopt this tool to provide accurate AADT for Louisiana roadways.


Investigating Safety Impacts of Centerline Rumble Strip, Lane Conversion, Roundabout and J-turn Features on Louisiana Highways

The goal of this project is to evaluate several relatively new crash countermeasures being implemented on Louisiana highways including the centerline rumble strip, lane conversion (four to three and additional analysis on four to five lane), and the restrictive median opening on high speed corridors. This study focuses on Louisiana’s rural two-lane highways, urban and suburban roadways, and high speed corridors within DOTD system.

Development of a Simulation Test Bed for Connected Vehicles using the LSU Driving Simulator

The main focus of this study is to develop a driving simulator-based test bed for connected vehicles research in the areas of operation and safety. The specific objectives are to develop connected vehicle simulation test bed, create some of the connected vehicle safety related applications in the driving simulator environment, create some of the emergency-related applications, and test the impacts and benefits of each specific application on drivers’ behavior.



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