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LCTS Searching for Safety Research Problem Statements

The Louisiana Center for Transportation Safety is working in accordance with LTRC's biennial solicitation of problem statements to solicit problem statements specific to safety research. These problems will form the basis for the Safety Center's research program for the next two years. As our safety partners, this is your chance to make a difference within the world of transportation safety. The Safety Center is particularly interested in problem statements with a focus on any of the human factors or infrastructure emphasis areas being addressed in Louisiana's Strategic Highway Safety Plan.


Problem Statements are to be submitted through the LTRC website. LTRC welcomes both applied and theoretical problem statements as well as any problems that will require technical assistance.


New Research Project

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Regulatory and Warning Signs on Driver Behavior near Highway/Rail Crossings

The primary objective of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of regulatory and warning signs on driver behavior by analyzing the effectiveness of specific signage in reducing instances of stopped vehicles within the dynamic envelope of at-grade highway-rail crossings near roadway intersections.

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Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting
January 8-12, 2017
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GHSA 2017 Annual Meeting

September 16-20, 2017, Louisville, KY

4101 Gourrier Ave.

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Phone: (225) 767-9131