About the Safety Research Program

At every level of government, the responsibilities to address transportation challenges have become more complex, particularly with an emphasis on the multi-faceted approach to tackling both infrastructure and human factors that impact driving behaviors. The purpose of LCTS's research program is to facilitate cutting-edge, interdisciplinary exploration of applied solutions to improve highway safety and, ultimately, save lives.


Safety research projects are coordinated by the LCTS in accordance with the LTRC Manual of Research Procedure.


Research Program Goals

  • Oversee all LTRC highway transportation safety research
  • Promote highway transportation safety as a priority within Louisiana’s academic research arenas
  • Make the results of research widely available for understanding and application
  • Pursue national highway transportation safety research opportunities
  • Support implementation of the Louisiana Strategic Highway Safety Plan vision – Destination Zero Deaths


Research Areas

LCTS's research priority areas are aligned with the Emphasis Areas identified in the Louisiana Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). The research projects support Louisiana’s highway safety priorities such as:

  • Impaired Driving (alcohol and other drugs)
  • Occupant Protection
  • Infrastructure and Operations
  • Crashes Involving Young Drivers
  • Distracted Driving


Input for additional research projects is solicited from state and local government, universities, and private industry through problem statements.


Problem Statement Submissions

The problem statement is a concise description of a transportation-related problem for which solutions through research are deemed feasible. Problem statements are welcomed at any time; however, they are formally solicited biennially from the transportation community at large. Problem statements are to be submitted through the LTRC website.


Interested in becoming a Project Review Committee (PRC) member?

For each research project, a Project Review Committee (PRC) is formed. The PRC is an advisory committee with a major responsibility of assisting the Project Manager in the development of acceptable research problem statements, requests for proposals, review of research proposals, oversight of approved research projects, and implementation of findings.


We need experts from all traffic safety areas to serve on our research project committees.


Responsibilities of the PRC members

The PRC members perform responsibilities that are vital to the completion of any research project.







Contact Dr. Elisabeta Mitran

Research and Technical Assistance Manager

(225) 767-9129




Request for Proposals (RFPs)

The LTRC has announced a request for research proposals for project 18-2SA Louisiana's Alcohol-Impaired Driving Problem:  An Analysis of Crash and Cultural Factors. For more information about the project and proposal requirements, click here. Proposals are due by November 30, 2017


New Video Highlighting Active Research Project "Pedestrians and Bicycles Count: Developing a Statewide Multimodal Count Program"




New Video Highlighting Active Research Project "Pedestrians and Bicycles Count: Developing a Statewide Multimodal Count Program"







New Research Project

Economic Effect of Restricted Crossing U-Turn Intersections in Louisiana

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New Publications
Exploring Naturalistic Driving Data for Distracted Driving Measures

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Traffic Safety Research Series E-news

The LCTS shares a quarterly compilation of traffic safety research and e-news to keep you updated on current research and driving studies that may enhance your traffic safety practices to help save lives. Subscribe to the Traffic Safety Research Series here.






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