Louisiana Transportation Research Center Publications and Digital Media Development

Jenny Speights, Public Information Director, jenny.speights@la.gov, 225-767-9183

Chris Melton, Photographer and Videographer, chris.melton2@la.gov, 225-767-9114

Emily Wolfe, Multi Media Specialist, Emily.wolfe@la.gov,  225-767-9145


Louisiana Center for Transportation Safety

Dortha Cummins, Director, Dortha.Cummins@la.gov 225-767-9137

Rudynah Capone, Safety Initiatives Manager, Rudynah.capone@la.gov 225-767-9718


Federal Highway Administration

Betsey Tramonte, Safety Specialist, Betsey.tramonte@dot.gov 225-757-7613


Louisiana DOTD

Highway Safety

Autumn Goodfellow-Thompson, SHSP Manager, Autumn.goodfellow-thompson@la.gov 225-379-1928

Karla Courtade, Highway Safety Program Manager, Karla.Courtade@la.gov 225-379-1928


Rodney Mallett, Communications Director, Rodney.Mallett@la.gov 225-379-1275

Erin Buchanan, Public Information Officer, Erin.Buchanan@la.gov  (318) 549-8402

Bambi Hall, Public Information Office, Bambi.Hall@la.gov (504) 484-0210


Louisiana Highway Safety Commission

Johnathan Hill, Program Coordinator, (225) 925-4695 johnathan.hill@la.gov

                  Mark Lambert, Media Contact, (225) 937-8113 mark@lambert-media.com


Louisiana State Police Public Affairs Division

Major Doug Cain, Spokesman, Doug.Cain@la.gov

Lt. JB Slaton, Spokesman, JB.Slaton@la.gov 225-925-3717

Sgt. Jared Sandifer, Region 1 Supervisor, Jared.Sandifer@la.gov  225-925-3717

Sgt. James Anderson, Region 2 Supervisor James.L.Anderson@la.gov 225-491-2058

TFC Bryan Lee, Troop A PIO, Bryan.Lee@la.gov 225-925-3717

TFC Melissa Matey, Troop B PIO, Melissa.Matey@la.gov 504-471-2784

TFC Jesse LaGrange, Troop C PIO, Jesse.LaGrange@la.gov 985-857-3679

M/T Scott Moreau, Troop E PIO, Scott.Moreau@la.gov 318-487-5010

S/T Michael Reichardt, Troop F PIO, Michael.Reichardt@la.gov  318-362-5198

Glenn Younger, Troop G PIO, glenn.younger@la.gov 318-741-7414

M/T Brooks David, Troop I PIO, Brooks.David@la.gov 337-262-5685

Trooper Dustin Dwight, Troop L PIO, Dustin.Dwight@la.gov 985-893-6252

Kenny Martin, Drivers Education Compliance Unit Coordinator, kenny.martin@la.gov


Louisiana SHSP Safety Coalition Coordinators

Dan Jatres (New Orleans/North Shore) New Orleans Regional Planning Commission, djatres@norpc.org 504-483-8505

Shelly Barrett (Shreveport), Northwest LA Council of Governments shelly.barrett@nlcog.org 318-841-5950

Nelson Hollings (New Orleans/North Shore), New Orleans Regional Planning Commission, nhollings@norpc.org 504-483-8523

Melissa Newell (Lafayette), Acadiana Planning Commission, Mnewell@planacadiana.org 337-806-9367

Cassie Parker (Houma), South Central Planning and Development Commission, cassie@scpdc.org 985-851-2900

Cynthia Perdue (Monroe), North Delta Regional Planning cynthia@northdelta.org 318-387-2572

Kenyatta Robertson (Baton Rouge) Capital Region Planning Commission KRobertson@crpcla.org 225-383-5203

Amber Ashworth (Lake Charles), Imperial Calcasieu Regional Planning and Development Commission
amber@imcal.la 337-433-1771

Sooraz Patro (Alexandria), Rapides Planning Commission, sooraz@rapc.info 318-487-5401 ext. 34


SHSP Statewide Emphasis Area Team Leaders

Norma Broussard, Impaired Driving Team Leader, Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office, nbroussard@jpda.us

Bridget Gardner, Young Drivers Team Leader, UMC Level 1 Trauma Center and Sudden Impact, bridget.gardner@lcmchealth.org

Ron Whittaker, Distracted Driving Team Leader, DOTD consultant, rwhittaker@live.com

April Renard, Infrastructure & Operations Team Co-leader, Louisiana DOTD, april.renard@la.gov

Steve Strength, Infrastructure & Operations Team Co-leader, Louisiana Local Technical Assistance Program steve.strength@la.gov

Dortha Cummins, Occupant Protection Team Leader, Louisiana Center for Transportation Safety Center Dortha.cummins@la.gov


Highway Safety Research Group

Bethany Campbell, GIS Specialist, bcampb7@lsu.edu 225-578-6980


LA SHSP Communications Coordinating Council

4101 Gourrier Ave.

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Phone: (225) 767-9131