About the Safety Workforce Development Program

The influences of the global market economy, emerging technologies, and other complex challenges make for an uncertain future for transportation safety. Part of LCTS’s vision is to positively shape this future by elevating highway safety as a recognized professional field through innovation and education.


LCTS conceptualizes workforce development as a holistic approach to enhancing the progression and growth of individuals within and collective capacity of a professional field. LCTS’s workforce development program will create effective and well-educated highway safety professionals through multi-modal academic training, workforce training, professional development, technical assistance, and knowledge transfer opportunities. The methods of training and development may consist of new or improved academic courses, areas of study, and degree programs offered through institutions of higher education; knowledge and skills-building training sessions, workshops, webinars, videos, and researcher-and-practitioner-supported demonstration projects; non-degree, credentialing program through professional associations; and technical assistance, knowledge transfer support, technology transfer aids, peer exchanges, and other practice-oriented materials and dissemination strategies.

Workforce Development Program Goals


  • Promote highway safety as a curriculum of study and research within Louisiana’s research universities
  • Administer a comprehensive workforce training and development program for all stakeholder group, such as traffic engineers, transportation planners, work zone operators, law enforcement, emergency medical services, community coalition leaders, traffic safety advocates and others
  • Initiate a path for a highway safety professional development credentialing program based on TRB-defined core competencies
  • Coordinate efforts to identify and implement effective highway safety initiatives and disseminate practice-oriented materials to encourage widespread adoption
  • Support implementation of the Louisiana Strategic Highway Safety Plan vision – Destination Zero Deaths


Workforce Development Content Areas

LCTS’s workforce development content areas are aligned with the Emphasis Areas identified in the Louisiana Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). The SHSP is reviewed regularly to identify additional emphasis areas and priorities. Currently, the four Emphasis Areas are:


  • Impaired Driving (alcohol and other drugs)
  • Occupant Protection
  • Infrastructure and Operations
  • Crashes Involving Young Drivers




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