Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
Designated Contact's Duties and Responsibilities

Before requesting a DOTD external company ID code, you must read and agree to the following:

  • Serve as DOTD's primary contact for all matters related to the company's access to DOTD's computer systems.

  • Approve all requests from company employee to be granted access to DOTD computer systems.

  • Determine the level of access each company employee should have to DOTD computer system.

  • Immediately notify DOTD's Security Administrator when a company's employee, which has an ID to DOTD's Computer System, resigns or no longer has a business need to access the system.

  • DOTD computer ids are assigned to an individual employee and not to a company or job duty. Will discourage the sharing of DOTD computer IDs and passwords by company employees.

  • Insure the computers the employees are using to access DOTD computer systems, have Anti-Virus Software with latest signatures, Personal Firewall, Spyware removal software with latest signatures, and latest security update for the Operating System and the Internet browser.

    I have read and agree with the duties and responsibilities of a Designated IT Contact


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