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The RAC Region II has initiated a collaborative research consortium through the Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) Program. The research program is called the Southeast Transportation Consortium (STC) and is intended to encourage coordination among member states and provide resources and management of collaborative studies. The consortium intends to address high priority transportation research topics of common interest to the southeastern and adjoining states.

The states' transportation research programs collectively offer a broad range of talent and expertise. The consortium seeks to foster growth in knowledge, skills, and abilities amongst transportation professionals and academic partners to produce superior research and technology transfer.

STC's purpose is to pool financial, professional, and academic resources to coordinate research and develop improved methods of addressing common problems in the planning, design, construction, maintenance, management, and operation of transportation systems in participating states. The program is intended to supplement ongoing state, federal, and university research activities and other national programs such as the National Cooperative Highway Research Program. It is also intended to reduce duplication of research and provide means for better communication of on-going research activities in the state research programs. The cooperative and collaborative objectives of the STC program are to develop synergy and provide for a more efficient use of resources.

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