Conference Presentations

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Session 1
Feasibility of Implementing Local Option Motor Fuel Taxes
Feasibility of Tolling Selected Priority A and B Megaprojects

Session 2
Railroad Safety and Construction
R/W Permits
Utility Relocation

Session 3
Implementation of the LTRC Dredging Study
Long Bridge - Present and Future: A Multimodal Analysis
Mississippi River Ship Channel Deepening to 50 Feet
Port of Plaquemines: Master Plan 1
Port of Plaquemines: Master Plan 2

Session 4
LHSC Behavioral Programs
SHSP Distracted Driving Emphasis Area
Overview of the 2017 SHSP Update
Show Me the Money! The HSIP Project Selection Process

Session 5
Design Considerations and Project Administration of Bridge Coating Projects
DOTD's Experience with High Performance Paints
Hazardous Paint Removal: Environmental Design and Field Implementation
Thermal Spray Coating for Corrosion Protection

Session 6
Dowel Bar Alignment
Maturity Meter Implementation
Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

Session 7
Remote Sensing for Statewide Digital Geospatial Database

Session 8
Culvert Inspection Vehicle
Tractor Disc Blade Attachment for Gravel Shoulder Restoration
DOTD Maintenance 101
2017 Innovations Showcase

Session 9
Collaborative Hydraulics: Advancing to the Next Generation of Engineering
Statewide Flood Control Program

Session 10
Phanton of the Conversation

Session 11
Transportation Vulnerabilities in Changing and Subsiding Landscapes - Projecting Fugure Realities
NOAA National Weather Service Flood Forecast Services
The Process of Change - Louisiana Changing Elevation Profiles and the Causes

Session 12
Interoperability, Tolling and Beyond
Priced Managed Lanes
Technology Trends in the Tolling Industry

Session 13
Traffic Engineering Using Design Tools for Roundabouts
Utah's Experience with Alternative Intersections and Interchanges

Session 14
Benefits of Center Line Rumble Strips on Rural 2-Lane Highways in Louisiana
Pavement Markings to Reduce Lane Departure Crashes
Using LaSET to Evaluate Safety of Enhanced Signing at Curves

Session 15
2018 LADOTD CPM Special Provision
Oracle Primavera for the Louisiana Transportation Conference

Session 16
Admixture Basics: An Overview
Update: Internal Curing Implementation in the U.S.
Precast Concrete Pavement

Session 17
Changes to Audits of DOTD Consultant Contracts
LPA Risk Assessment and Monitoring
MPO Overheads

Session 18
In-House Bridge Repair Projects
LA1 Bridge Repairs in WBR
Status of Louisiana Bridges

Session 19
Providing Analytical Services and Support to the DOTD Enterprise
Scanning Transportation Records - Challenges and Solutions

Session 20
Phanton of the Conversation

Session 21
Louisiana Tech

Session 22
Design Reports, Waivers, and Exceptions
Performance Based Project Development in Ohio
Practical Performance Based Design in LA

Session 23
Coordination of 2016 Emergency Operations
Disaster Event Flooding Reimbursement

Session 24
Crash Data Overview and Quality Assurance Program
Crowd Sourcing for Traffic Volume Estimation
Safety Analysis Tools Use for Coalitions and Districtwide Investment Plans
Utilizing Crash Records and Roadway Characteristic Data to Develop Local Road Safety Plans

Session 25
Accelerated Projets: Making Every Day Count
LA1 Port Fourchon to Golen Meadow Status
LADOTD Design Build LA 318 Interchange (Future I-49 South)

Session 26
Slope Stabilization Using Recycled Plastic Pins

Session 27
Bridge Evaluation Based on Health Monitoring Data
Load Rating of Cast-In-Place Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts Using Field Testing
Off=System Bridge Rating Program

Session 28
All Presentations
Existing State Fundign Program and Potential New State Funds

Session 29
3-D Modeling
Stakeholder Partnering
The Environmental Sections's Involvement in EDC-14

Session 30
AASHTO TC3 - A National Transportation Training Resource

Session 31
Rapid Setting Patching Material (Epoxy)

Session 32
How Does SIDRA Incorporate the HCM
Utah's Experience with Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures

Session 33
Contractor Update on ITS Maintenance (ITS)
Contractor Update on ITS Maintenance (Conterra Networks)
DOTD Update on ITS Maintenance
ITS Maintenance Interactive Performance Measures Dashboard

Session 34
Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning: A Roadmap to Increased Safety
Baton Rouge Pedestrian and Bike Safety Action Plan
Pedestrians and Bicyclists Count: Developing a Statewide Multimodal Count Program
Statewide Long Range Bicycle Planning Tool

Session 35
ICE-CMAR Best Practices

Session 36
Post-Grouted Drilled Shafts - Prliminary Findings from FHWA-SC Evaluation
Deep Foundation Type Selection Considering Impact to Adjacent Structures
Evergreen Point Floating Bridge - Seattle, WA

Session 37
I-49 - I-220 Interchange Segment K Phase 2 - Shreveport, LA
Luling Bridge Cabel Stay Replacement
Luling Bridge Steel Crack Repair and Deck Overlay Replacement
US 80 over Bayou Lafourche - AccelBridge

Session 38
Highway Noise Analysis Using the FHWA TNM 3.0
Implementation of the Historic Bridge Program

Session 39
Picking the Best Types of Projects
LPA Programs - How They Work
What the Future Holds

Session 40
AASHTO TC3 - A National Transportation Training Resource

Session 41
DOTD BP Compliance for Construction

Session 42
Access Management: An R-CUT Above the Rest
RCUT Project Process on US 190 in Livonia
Safety Evaluation of J-Turn Projects in Louisiana

Session 43
CAVs: A Long and Winding Road
Connected Autonomous Vehicles: Current State and the Art of Making It Happen
DOTD CAV Technology Team Updates Moving Forward
How Effective are Connected Vehicle Safety Applications?

Session 44
Panel Discussion (no presentation)

Session 45
Consultant Invoice Process: What's New
Engineering Contracts: What's New and What You Need to Know
Entity-State Agreements: Are These Really Necessary?
Title 48 vs. 39: Knowing Which One Applies to Your Contract

Session 46
Impact of Design and Construction of Asphalt Mixtures on Pavement Density and Performance
Non-Destructive Density Determination for Quality Acceptance

Session 47
2016 Standard Specifications Part 8 - Structures
Bridge Design Evaluation Manual and LG Grider Standards
LU PPC Girder Standards
Standard and Special Details Updates

Session 48
Data Collaboration with GIS
Road Inventory Data
Traffic Count Data Systems

Session 49
ADA Transition Plan
Mobility Challenges
Updates to PED-01
Visually Impaired Challenges

Session 50
Phanton of the Conversation

Session 51
CRPC's Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update
IMCAL's Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

Session 52
Assset Management Overview and Pavement Condition Measures

Session 53
AGMAC - A Need for Action
Aviation: Louisiana State Airport System pavement Condition Index (PCI) Study
Construction Management at Rish (CMAR) Pilot Program Effectiveness
Diverging and Diamonds and Roundabouts: How to Keep on Trucking Along

Session 54
Panel Discussion (no presentation)

Session 55
24-102: What Does This Number Mean to You?
Bid Review Process
Changes in the Specification Revision Process
Falcon Info

Session 56
Synthesis on Tack Coat Specifications, Materials, Construction, and Testing

Session 57
Gasparilla Island Swing Bridge Replacement
I-40 (TN) Fast Fix 8 Presentation

Session 58
Development of an Enterprise GIS
Incorporating Collected Data
Publication of Data with GIS Services

Session 59
Available Data and How to Get It
Moving from Data to Information to Save Lives
Using Roadway Data to Proactively Plan and Manage Local Road Resources

Session 60
Interactive Tips and Tricks for Meeting Facilitation

Session 61
Ancillary Structures
Timber Repairs with Fiber Reinforced Polymer
US 61 @ I-10 Ramp Repair

Session 62
Adapting to Adaptive Traffic Signals
Florida DOT 2017 Hurricane Irma 511 ATIS Response
Modernizing the EBR Emergency Vehicle Preemption System

Session 63
Airport Safety Inspection Program at Louisiana Airports - A Photographic Story
Baptiste Collette Bayou Navigation Channel Deepening - Section 203 Study
State of Ports in Louisiana
Working on the Railroad with State DOTs - What You Should Know

Session 64
Compact Roundabouts and Practical Design
Roundabout Round Table

Session 65
Property Management: The Ins and Outs of the Property Disposal Process
The Complexity of Partial Acquisitions: The High Cost of What Is Not Acquired

Session 66
DOTD's Experience with HeadLight
DOTD's Innovation in Project Delivery Using HeadLight
LaPave Online

Session 67
Avoiding Road Closures for Survey Using Robotics (the R2D2 Kind)
Managing SUE Mapping in Transportation Project Delivery
Subsurface Utility Engineering Designation Techniques, Suitability and Utility Conflict Mitigation

Session 68
Implementing AASHTOWare BrM
Updates to Asset Management Plan
Upgrading to dTIMS Business Analytics

Session 69
DOTD's Major Revenue Streams
Federal Funding Guidelines
State Funding Requirements and ZFIPBEC

Session 70
Designing Engaging Visuals

Session 71
Assessment of Continuous Deflection Measurement Devices in Louisiana
Diverted Traffic Measurement
Internal Curing Research Results and Implementation in Louisiana
Live Load Rating of Cast-in-Place Concrete Box Culverts in Louisiana
Non-destructive Density Determination for Asphalt Mixture Quality Assurance
Pile Setup Saving on Deep Foundation Design
Safety Analysis of Seat Belt Use in Crashes
Visualizing Archived Data for Planning, Operations, and Performance Measures

Session 72
QCIP: A New Direction
Strategic Plan Updates

Session 73
ER Overview

Session 74
2016 Flood Events

Session 75
Rail Transit Engineering in New Orleans
Transit Services Benefits
Transit Traffic Engineering Applications

Session 76
Cultural Highways: Preserving the Stories of Louisiana through the Louisiana Byway Program
Roadside Development Best Practices
Safety Initiatives within the Highway Department

Session 77
Intelligent Design and Construction
Preparing for OpenRoads

Session 78
Data Collection Initiatives with LIDAR
Topographic Mapping Requirements

Session 79
Traffic Management Center (TMC) Operations

Session 80
Designing Engaging Visuals

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