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Roads Scholar #7: Pavement Preservation & Road Surface Management

This class covers an overview of road surface management as well as the basic philosophy behind pavement preservation and the benefits of applying it to an existing network of paved roads (6 PDH)

If your local public agency is like most others, there are always more roads/streets that need repairing than available funding to do so. With each year that passes, the gap widens between the limited dollars and the backlog of pavement repair needs, thus putting your agency further and further behind. Is there a way to stretch your agency’s limited budget to make it go further, while at the same time improving the overall condition of your road or street system? Fortunately, there is – it’s called pavement preservation and management. This involves the right preventative maintenance treatment, at the right time, at the right location - in order to extend the pavement's service life.

This course is designed primarily for local public agency supervisors, managers and engineers who are responsible for the maintenance of roads or streets in their agency’s system.

LTAP Can Assist You with Any of the Following:

  • Implementation of pavement preservation and road surface management programs in your local agency
  • Presentation to elected officials
  • On-site assistance in evaluation of pavement condition & selection of appropriate treatments
  • On-site review of pavement preservation treatment application
  • Assistance with setting up a pavement management system
Download "Pavement Preservation and Road Surface Management: A Brief Summary by LTAP"

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Crack Sealing Video [North Carolina DOT, 3:08]

Chip Seal Video [Johnson County, Kansas, 1:01]

Slurry Seal Video [City of Richland, 3:48]

Micro-surfacing Video [York Region, Ontario, 1:49]

Cold-in-Place Recycling Video [WisDOT, 2:10]


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