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One of LTAP’s strategic focus areas is Roadway and Worker Safety. We offer training and/or technical assistance on safety-related topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Work Zone Safety with Basic Flagging: This course provides an introduction to the standards and guides for traffic controls for street and highway construction, maintenance, utility, and incident management operations. Participants will also learn typical applications of various traffic control devices.
  • Chainsaw Safety: This class is designed to help prepare all crew members and supervisors to deal with routine chainsaw use, as well as the tree damage and debris common after storms. The training sites were selected to allow plenty of outside demonstrations of proper chain saw use in a natural setting.
  • Road Safety 365: A Workshop for Local Governments: This course is designed to provide local and rural agencies with practical and effective ways to implement safety solutions into their day-to-day activities and project development process.
  • Road Safety Assessments (RSA): Participants in this course will learn how to improve transportation safety through a formalized, data-driven and multidisciplinary approach to reducing the number and severity of roadway crashes.
  • Crash Data Use and Analysis: Participants in this course will learn to navigate around the local road safety database and utilize the crash statistics & road profiles to mitigate the specific issues in their respective jurisdictions.
  • Developing Local Road Safety Plans: This training aims is to fully engage parishes and municipalities in producing a customized plan that reflects the complexity of their local road safety issues, and eventually implementing projects that impact their respective communities.
  • Safety for Public Works First Responders: Participants will learn how to prepare themselves and their families for responding to emergency situations. Fundamentals of Employee Emergency Planning and Incident Command System will also be addressed.
  • Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP): This workshop provides resources on pedestrian safety treatments and allows attendees to participate in a group field visit exercise to evaluate a nearby corridor for pedestrian safety and make recommendations for improvement.


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