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Disaster Preparedness & Improved Roadway Management

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LTAP pilots a 3-Part Web-based Training on “Safety for Public Works First Responders”

The Louisiana LTAP Center offered a 3-Part Webinar on “Roads Scholar #15: Safety for Public Works First Responders” on April 28-30 and May 19-21, with Justin Hill as the Instructor. Mr. Hill is a Hazardous Materials Officer with Baton Rouge Fire Department and an expert in emergency response operations.

This course was originally planned to be offered in nine locations across the state, but due to restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Louisiana LTAP had to transform it into a web-based learning opportunity open to all levels of Public Works (PW) employees as well as to inspectors, technicians, engineers, risk managers, safety officers, and PW responders who may not be exposed to field hazards in the normal course of their duties. Read more.

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