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Structured Training Programs

The DOTD Structured Training Program (STP) is a department-sanctioned progressive training curriculum that requires specific work-related training be completed at each level of an employee's career path. DOTD feels that training is a necessary component of career development and advancement. The department supports and promotes an environment of continual learning in order for employees to maximize their potential and provide qualified personnel crucial to the effective management of the transportation system. Structured training programs are designed to ensure workforce proficiency and knowledge. Structured Training also enhances worker preparedness to meet the future challenges of a more technical work environment.

Structured training represents a systematic approach to training to prepare an employee for career advancement. It can involve professional development, continuing education, hands-on and on-the-job training. Input was solicited from section heads, district administrators, and field personnel and all programs were reviewed and approved by the DOTD administration. The programs are as equitable as possible between sections and divisions.

While the structured training program defines the training required for the DOTD staff, it is recognized as the minimum training required. The administrators and supervisors can require additional training where necessary to improve employee performance and departmental operations. DOTD Structured Training Program encompasses the five areas in the menu box above. Visit the links to learn more about each area.

Construction & Materials

The Construction and Materials Training Program provides comprehensive, up-to-date training and evaluation materials consistent with department policies, procedure, specifications, and state-of-the-art technology for professional engineers and engineering technicians employed by the department and/or transportation industry contractors and materials producers.

The Construction and Materials Training Program keeps abreast of all changes in departmental priorities, policies, procedures, specifications, testing procedures, proposed changes in quality assurance operations, new technology to be implemented, and federal regulation which affect the program and develops, revises, or acquires training materials accordingly. LTRC has been involved in the nationwide effort to develop a standardized quality control/quality assurance training program for all state highway departments.

The Construction and Materials Training program manages the Inspector/Technician Certification program for DOTD and the Louisiana transportation industry by coordinating the testing, authorization, and certification of inspectors and technicians statewide in each area of DOTD construction activity.

Click here for information on certification.

Maintenance Training

The focus of the Maintenance Training Unit is to develop new job-specific courses related to job functions, processes and/or safe operations of each piece of equipment used by DOTD maintenance field personnel. Maintenance training courses promote an awareness of safe practices and attitudes needed for maximum job performance. Older courses are redesigned to bring them up-to-date with current state and federal regulations as well as department policy, procedures and specifications.

The Maintenance Training Unit continues to serve as the program administrator and recognized testing authority, offering testing services on behalf of the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) for certifications for LADOTD and Louisiana city/parish employees.

Management Development

The LTRC/DOTD Management Development Training Program Unit oversees several different supervisory, management development, and career development training programs. These include:

  • the DOTD Leadership Institute training program, which is the mandatory structured training program for DOTD employees in professional job series;
  • the DOTD Engineering Technician Supervisory Training program, which is the mandatory supervisory training program for Engineering Technician 5, Engineering Technician DCL, and Engineering Technician 7 positions;
  • the DOTD Supervisory Maintenance Training program for trades, crafts, and maintenance supervisors; and
  • the Civil Service Group 1 Supervisory training program, for supervisors who are not covered by other DOTD training programs.

The Management Development Training Program Unit is also responsible for coordination of DOTD participation in the Governor's Office of Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP) for supervisory and non-supervisory employees. This unit is also responsible for coordination of Total Quality Management (TQM) training activities for DOTD's Louisiana Quality Initiative, a joint effort with DOTD's private and public sector partners in the transportation industry, chaired by the DOTD Chief Engineer, and patterned after the Federal Highway Administration's National Quality Initiative.

Headquarters Training

This position was created following of the enactment of the department policy on workforce development and first began functioning in September 2002. This position acts as a liaison between the DOTD/LTRC Technology Transfer and Training Section and Headquarters Sections to assist Section Heads and designated Section Training Coordinators in providing employees of their respective sections the training prescribed by the training programs governing their positions. The concept of this position in many ways parallels that of the District Training Coordinator.

At this time the emphasis is on taking measures to ensure that all employees are informed of and understand new training requirements and to assist Section Training Coordinators in providing all training that is currently available to employees in advance of initial deadlines.

  • Advises all Section Training Coordinators of new developments in the Education and Training (ETRN) system and employee training programs.
  • Trains Section Training Coordinators in the use of the Education and Training (ETRN) system, a mainframe computer training record keeping system, in order to generate training reports, document employee training and research employee records.
  • Conducts semi-monthly testing sessions for self-study courses. Schedules individual testing to accommodate employee work schedules.
  • Reviews requests to allow college credit or other training to substitute for required training, and makes determination as to equivalency.
  • Reviews training records of those employees being considered for merit increase or position change whose training is incomplete and recommends appropriate action depending on the reason for the deficiency.

District Liaison

This position acts as liaison between the DOTD/LTRC Technology Transfer and Training Section and the District Training Coordinators. The primary function of this position is to expedite the District Training Coordinators requests of the Training Section including: ETRN security needs, ETRN reports modification, Structured Training Program (STP) modifications, training materials requests, and test modifications. The district liaison will implement new training by conducting train-the-trainer sessions for District Training Specialists. Additionally, this position gathers information on techniques and materials used by the District Training Coordinators in presentation of existing courses to improve learning transfer.

Other functions of this position include assisting the Headquarters Training Program Manager in conducting training sessions for the Headquarters Sections and acting as liaison between the LTRC Technology Transfer and Training Section and the Loss Prevention (Safety) Section.

District Training Offices

New Orleans
Diane Rome
Phone: (504) 437-3180
Fax: (504) 437-3192

John Arceneaux
Phone: (504) 437-3182

Cody Estilette
Phone: (337) 262-6176
Fax: (337) 262-6289

Bryon Guidry
Phone: (337) 262-6180

Bossier City
Dustin Hickman
Phone: (318) 549-8380
Fax: (318) 549-8381

Arthur Waguespack
Phone: (318) 549-8382

Danny Corrent
Phone: (318) 342-0179

John Soares
Phone: (318) 342-0181

Lake Charles
Jonas Hatfield
Phone: (337) 437-9177
Fax: (337) 437-9180

Kim Martin
Phone: (337) 437-9178

David L. Adams
Phone: (318) 561-5182
Fax: (318) 767-6015

Jon Wiggins
Phone: (318) 561-5180

Chase (Winnsboro)
Steve Parks
Phone: (318) 412-3180
Fax: (318) 412-3182

Baton Rouge
Mike Merrow
Phone: (225) 231-4180
Fax: (225) 231-4108

Bud Cage
Phone: (225) 231-4171

Clint Cooper
Phone: (985) 375-0182
Fax: (985) 375-0261

Coty Hardy
Phone: (985) 375-0180