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Final Reports

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Report Number LTRC Project Number Report Name
99 72-1B Rapid Methods of Bituminous Materials View PDF
98 A 72-3C Texturing of Concrete Pavements View PDF
97 72-3G Evaluation of Load Transfer Devices View PDF
96 72-1G Construction Records Study View PDF
95 73-2G Metal Pipe Coupling Study View PDF
94 63-1G Quality Control Analysis Part V View PDF
93 71-1CH(B) Evaluation of Thermoplastic Materials View PDF
92 73-3G(B) A Discussion of Horizontal Wind Vector Deteriorations in South Louisiana : A Metrological Monitoring Study View PDF
91 71-6C Evaluation of Retrorefletive Durability of Raised Pavement Markers View PDF
90 70-1B Evaluation of Synthetic Fabrics for the Reduction of Reflective Cracking View PDF
89 71-3S Ground Vibration Inspection at Highway Construction Sites View PDF
88 72-3B(b) Anitstripping Additives in Lieu of Mineral Fillers in Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures View PDF
87   Expanded Clay Hot Mix Study Part II View PDF
86   Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements View PDF
85 72-2C(B) Bridge Deck Deterioration Study View PDF
84 71-1C(B) Rapid Setting Concrete Patching Study View PDF
83 72-7B(B) Evaluation of Full Depth Asphaltic Concrete Pavements View PDF
81 73-1B Vibratory Roller Evaluation Study View PDF
80 71-1B(B) A Correlation of Various Smoothness Measuring Systems for Asphaltic Concrete Surfaces View PDF
79 72-10B(B) A Laboratory Evaluation of Rubber-Asphalt Paving Mixtures View PDF
78 71-2G(B) Highway Noise Study View PDF
77 72-1S(B) Evaluation of Clam Shell Embankment Bridging Marshland Soil View PDF
76 69-4M Erosion Evaluation Study View PDF
75 71-3C(B) Luminaire Vibration Suppression Study View PDF
74 S-23 Evaluation of Sand Fills View PDF
73 72-8B(B) Evaluation of Drainage Blanket View PDF
72 68-9S Soil Cement Study, S.C. Shah & J.L. Melancon, 68-9S, November 1973 View PDF
71 70-1G Computerization of Material Test Data Reporting System View PDF
70 67-1G Grooving of Concrete Pavements View PDF
67 72-2B(B) Variation in Temperature and Mechanical Properties and Asphaltic Concrete View PDF
66 71-3H(B) Evaluation of Catch Basin Grates View PDF
65 70-1SC(B) "K" Value Correlation Study View PDF
64 68-3C(B) Evaluation of Masonry Coatings View PDF
63 69-2G Evaluation of Joint Sealant Materials
Incorrect Final Report Number on Publication
View PDF
61 71-2M(B) Bridge Inspection Research View PDF
60 68-1T Evaluation of Raised Pavement Markers View PDF
59 69-2S Control Strip Study View PDF
58 68-6H(B) Paving Block Study View PDF
57 64-1CH Drainage Pipe Study View PDF
56 63-2M Erosion Control Study View PDF
55 68-9S Soil - Cement Design Study View PDF
54 63-4SC AASHO Correlation Study View PDF
53 69-1S Evaluation of Electric Logging and Gamma Ray Device for Bridge Boring Interpretation View PDF
52 68-3ST Ultrasonic Weld Testing View PDF
51 69-1C Non Destructive Testing of Concrete View PDF
50 68-1CH Air Pollution from Hot Mix Plants View PDF
49 68-4ST Tension Pile Study View PDF
48   Road Roughness Correlation Study View PDF
47 68-2G Field Evaluation of Skid Resistant Surfaces View PDF
46 68-3B(B) Evaluation of the Use of Antistripping Additives in Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures View PDF
45 68-2M(B) Louisiana Slabjacking Study View PDF
44 68-2C(B) Concrete Probe Strength Study View PDF
43 69-1CH(B) Evaluation of Organic Zinc Coatings View PDF
42 68-3C(B) Evaluation of Coatings for Concrete Masonary, H.B. Rushing, 68-3C(B), July 1969 View PDF
41 63-7S Lime Treatment at Depth, C.M. Higgins, 63-7S, June 1969 View PDF
40 66-1ST Temperature Differential on Swingspan Bridges, H.B. Rushing, 66-1ST, June 1969 View PDF
39 63-2CH-C Cement Study, Phase I, II & III, D.G. Azar & H.B. Rushing, 63-2CH-C, June 1969 View PDF
38 68-1M(B) Reflection Crack Sealing Study, E.J. Breckwoldt, 68-1M(B), June 1969 View PDF
37 65-3B Expanded Clay Hot Mix Study, P.J. Arena, 65-3B, April 1969 View PDF
36 63-1G Quality Control Analysis, Part IV, S.C.Shah, 63-1G, March 1969 View PDF
35 63-1CH Paint Study, D.G. Azar, 63-1CH, December 1968 View PDF
34 63-8C Concrete Wear Study, H.B. Rushing, 63-8C, June 1968 View PDF
33 61-8C Durability of Lightweight Concrete, Phase I -- Concrete Temperature Study, H.R. Rushing, 61-8C, August 1968 View PDF
32 66-1G Skid Resistance Study, H.R. Rushing, 66-1G, October 1968 View PDF
31 66-2S Pressuremeter Correlation Study, C.M. Higgins, 66-2S, October 1968 View PDF
30 63-10C Concrete Mixing Time Study, C.M. Higgins, 63-10C, October 1968 View PDF
29 67-1S Correlation of Rapid Hydrometer Analysis for Select Materials to Existing Procedure, LDH TR-407-66, G.W. Bass, M.M. Cryer, 67-1S, May 1968 View PDF
28 63-4B Solid Rubber Tire Roller Study, P.J. Arena, 63-4B, June 1968 View PDF
27 62-1SB Nuclear Density Evaluation on Asphaltic Concrete, P.J. Arena, 62-1SB, April 1967 View PDF
26 61-2B Evaluation of the Gyratory for Use in Designing Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures, P.J. Arena, 61-2B, December 1966 View PDF
25 62-1C Shell Concrete Pavement, H.B. Rushing, 62-1C, October 1966 View PDF
24 63-1G Quality Control Analysis, Part III -- Concrete Aggregate, S.C. Shah, 63-1G, November 1966 View PDF
23 63-1G Quality Control Analysis, Part II -- Soil Aggregate Base Course, S.C. Shah, 63-1G, May 1966 View PDF
22 62-1SB Nuclear Moisture Density Evaluation, Part II, 62-1SB, May 1966 View PDF
21 61-11S Typical Moisture Density Curves, Part II -- Lime Treated Soils, C.M. Higgins, 61-11S, May 1966 View PDF
20 61-8S A Rapid Method for Soil Cement Design -- Louisiana Slope Value Method, Part II -- Evaluation, C.M. Higgins, A.S. Kemahlioglu, Verdi Adam, 61-8S, May 1966 View PDF
19 61-7B Compaction of Asphaltic Concrete Pavement With High Intensity Pneumatic Roller
Part II- Densification Due to Traffic
View PDF
18 61-8C Durability of Lightweight Concrete, Phase III -- Freezing & Thawing Tests of Lightweight Concrete, H.B. Rushing, 61-8C, August 1965 View PDF
17 63-7S High Pressure Lime Injection, C.M. Higgins, 63-7S, August 1965 View PDF
16 61-11S Typical Moisture Density Curves, C. M. Higgins, 61-11S, May 1965 View PDF
15 63-1G Quality Control Analysis, Part I -- Asphaltic Concrete, S.C. Shah, 63-1G, November 1964 View PDF
14 61-3B Service Temperature Study for Asphaltic Concrete, P.J. Arena, 61-3B, October 1964 View PDF
13 63-1S Nuclear Moisture -- Density Evaluation, H.L. Roland, 62-1S, November 1964 View PDF
12 63-1B Correlation of the Manual Compaction Hammer with Mechanical Hammers for the Marshall Method of Design for Asphaltic Concrete, P.J. Arena, 63-1B, September 1964 View PDF
11 61-8S A Rapid Method of Soil Cement Design, H.L. Roland & A.S. Kemahlioglu, 61-8S, March 1964 View PDF
10 61-7B Compaction of Asphaltic Concrete Pavement with High Intensity Pneumatic Roller, Part I, Verdi Adam, S.C. Shah & P.J. Arena, 61-7B, July 1963 View PDF
9 61-1B Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Survey, S.C. Shah, 61-1B, April 1963 View PDF - A
View PDF - B
8 61-1S Texas Triaxial R-Value Correlation, H.L. Roland, 61-1S, March 1963 View PDF
7 61-7C Lightweight Aggregate Abrasion Study, H.B. Rushing, 61-7C, February 1963 View PDF
5   Viscosity in Hot Mix Construction, Verdi Adam, November 1959 View PDF
4   Application of Marshall Method in Hot Mix Design, H.L. Lehmann & Verdi Adam, June 1959 View PDF
3   Use of Expanded Clay Aggregate in Bituminous Construction, H.L. Lehmann & Verdi Adam, June 1959 View PDF
2   Use of Self Propelled Pneumatic Tired Rollers in Bituminous Construction and Recommended Procedures, A Special Report, Verdi Adam, 1958 View PDF
1   Concrete Pavement Research, H.L. Lehmann & C.M. Watson, Part I-1956, Part II-1958 View PDF
470-400 | 399 - 300 | 299-200 | 199-100 | 99-1

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