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Since its creation by the legislature in 1986, the Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC) has grown to national prominence through its efforts to improve transportation systems in Louisiana. The center conducts short-term and long-term research and provides technology assistance, engineering training and continuing education, technology transfer, and problem-solving services to DOTD and others in the transportation community.

The center is largely supported by funding authorized by the Federal Highway Administration. LTRC's goal is to merge the resources of state government and universities to identify, develop, and implement new technology to improve the state's transportation system. LTRC combines the efforts of DOTD and the state's universities to find innovative solutions to Louisiana's transportation problems.

What's New

Request for Proposals Issued (Due January 30, 2015)

Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Timber Piles using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites
Download RFP >>

Geotechnical Database Development, Phase 3
Download RFP >>

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Louisiana Served as Host to Southeastern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials 2014 Annual Conference
Conference Photos & Presentations available online

Transportation Innovation for Research Exploration (TIRE) Awards
Fiscal Year 2013

In response to a Request for Proposals for the TIRE program, LTRC received thirteen proposals for small-scale, exploratory research in all fields of transportation science, engineering and education. Such research is characterized by:
  • Preliminary work on untested and novel ideas
  • Ventures into emerging research ideas
  • Application of new expertise or new approaches to “old” research topics
  • Multi/cross-disciplinary work crossing LTRC program boundaries
  • Research having severe urgency with regard to availability to access to data, facilities or equipment (ie. Study to support on-going research or construction projects)
  • Efforts of similar character likely to catalyze rapid and innovative advances.
Awards will be made to the following proposers:

A Smart Asphalt Sealant
Qinghao Meng, Southern University
Assessment of the Mechanical Properties of Structural Composites
from Algae-Based Binders

William Chirdon, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Development of Nanostructured, Functionalized Catalysts for
Production of Long Chain Asphalt Binders from Renewable Biomass

Daniel Hayes, Louisiana State University
Video Analytics for Effective Traffic Operations
S. Mukhopadhyay, Louisiana State University


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