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Office of the Director

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Director Sam Cooper, Ph.D., P.E. (225) 767-9101
Executive Services Assistant Sheri Hughes (225) 767-9131

External Programs

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Associate Director Vijaya (V.J.) Gopu, Ph.D., P.E. (225) 767-9102

Research and Development

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Associate Director, Research Tyson Rupnow, Ph.D., P.E. (225) 767-9124
Executive Services Assistant Melissa Neyland (225) 767-9139
Business Office Manager Theresa Rankin (225) 767-9121
Business Office Accountant Tina Blanchard Kleinpeter (225) 767-9154

Pavement and Geotechnical Research

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Pavement & Geotechnical
Research Administrator
Zhongjie "Doc" Zhang, Ph.D., P.E. (225) 767-9162
Pavement Research
Pavement Research Manager Qiming Chen, Ph.D.,P.E. (225) 767-9104
Pavement Research Engineer Moses Akentuna, Ph.D., P.E. (225) 767-9151
Engineering Technician DCL Terrell Gorham (225) 767-9181
Engineering Technician 1 Vacant
Engineering Technician 5 Biyuan Zheng (225) 767-9160
Pavement Research Facility - ALF
Professor - Research
Accelerated Pavement
Research Program Manager
Zhong Wu, Ph.D., P.E. (225) 749-8900
Pavement Research
Facility Manager
Moinul Mahdi, Ph.D. (225) 749-8900
Geotechnical Research
Senior Geotechnical
Research Engineer
Gavin Gautreau, P.E. (225) 767-9110
Research Engineer
Nick Ferguson, P.E. (225) 767-9127
Engineering Technician 5 Chris Mertz (225) 767-9113
Engineering Technician 4 Hend Alyousef (225) 767-9113
Geotechnical Engineering Research Laboratory
Professor, Research
GERL Manager
Murad Abu-Farsakh, Ph.D., P.E. (225) 767-9147
Research Associate IV Masoud Nobahar (225) 767-9142

Materials Research

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Materials Research
Samuel B. Cooper III, Ph.D., P.E. (225) 767-9164
Asphalt Research
Asphalt Research Manager Vacant
Asphalt Engineer Saman Salari, P.E. (225) 767-9128
Engineering Technician 5 Hannah Boggs (225) 767-9180
Engineering Technician 5 Angela LeMay (225) 767-9196
Engineering Technician DCL Jeremy Icenogle (225) 767-9196
Concrete Research
Concrete Research Manager Zhen Liu (225) 767-9138
Concrete Research Engineer Vacant
Engineering Technican DCL Norris Rosser (225) 767-9132
Engineering Technician 5 Austin Gueho (225) 767-9173
Engineering Technician 4 Aaron Brown (225) 767-9107
Sustainable and Resilient Pavement Materials and Technologies Center (SRPC)
SRPC Director
Louay N. Mohammad, Ph.D., P.E. (WY), F. ASCE (225) 767-9126
Structures Research
Sr. Structures Research Engineer Walid Alaywan, Ph.D., P.E. (225) 767-9106

Special Studies

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Special Studies
Research Administrator
Julius A. Codjoe, Ph.D., P.E. (225) 767-9761
Planning and Intermodal Research
Assistant Professor, Research
Planning/Intermodal Research Manager
Ruijie “Rebecca” Bian, Ph.D. (225) 767-9163
ITS & Traffic Research
Assistant Professor, Research
ITS/Traffic Research Manager
Milhan Moomen, Ph.D. (225) 767-9161
Research Associate V M. Ashifur Rahman, Ph.D. (225) 767-9158
Assistant Professor, Research
Safety Research Manager
Elisabeta Mitran, Ph.D. (225) 767-9129

Technology Transfer and Training

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Associate Director
Technology Transfer & Training
Mary Leah Coco, Ph.D. (225) 767-9167
Statewide Strategic Program Manager Garrett Wheat, Ph.D. (225) 767-9144
Computer Manager Paul Hendricks (225) 767-9119
Technology Transfer
Support Services
David Jumper (225) 767-9737


Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Public Information Director Emily Wolfe (225) 767-9183
Technical Writer and Editor Jenny Gilbert (225) 767-9150
Multi Media Specialist Vacant
Photographer/Videographer Chris Melton (225) 767-9114

Technology Transfer

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Technology Transfer Engineer Corey Mayeux, P.E. (225) 767-9123

Structured Training Program

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
DOTD Structured
Training Director
Kirk Wales (225) 767-9137
Management Development
Program Manager
Ted Ball (225) 767-9714
Construction and Materials Training
Program Manager
Patrick Frazier (225) 767-9159
Pre-Construction Training
Program Manager
Heather Huval (225) 767-9166
District Training Liaison
PCC/Structural Training
Asphalt Concrete and Special Topics
Training Program Manager
Dimetrie Chopin (225) 767-9130
Maintenance Training
Program Manager
District Training Liaison
Engineering Technician Training
Program Manager
Claire Dixon (225) 767-9135
Safety Training
Program Manager
Keith Antee (225) 767-9125
Training Records
Program Manager
Susan Nichols (225) 767-9140

External Training Programs

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
DOTD External
Training Director
Rebecca Rizzutto (225) 767-9187
NHI/Individual Registration/
Special Event Program Manager
Allison Landry (225) 767-9134
Special Training Program Manager
Melissa Lee (225) 767-9155
Education Outreach
Program Manager
Stacey Wilton (225) 767-9141
Teaching Associate,
DOTD Leadership
Development Institute
Marcus Sylvas (225) 767-9112
Librarian Sandy Brady (225) 767-9716
TTEC Administrative Coordinator Brenda Wolfe (225) 767-9720
Audio Visual Manager Patrick Mehaffey (225) 767-9719
Training Program Coordinator Layne Brown (225) 767-9721

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Director, LTAP Steve Strength, P.E., P.T.O.E. (225) 767-9184
LTAP and LRSP Business Manager Victor Lockwood (225) 767-9717
LTAP Program Manager Courtney Dupre (225) 767-9118
Local Road Safety
and LPA Program Manager
Leonard P. Marretta (225) 767-9122
LTAP Innovation and Technology Transfer Manager Rudynah E. Capone (225) 767-9718
LTAP Training Program Manager Haley Ortiz (225) 767-9745
LTAP and LRSP Crash Data Engineer Peter Allain, P.E., P.T.O.E.

LTRC Policy Committee

Name Title
Christopher P. Knotts, P.E. Chief Engineer, DOTD
Sam Cooper, Ph.D., P.E. Director, LTRC (ex-officio)
Tyson Rupnow, Ph.D., P.E. Associate Director, Research, LTRC (ex-officio)
Mary Leah Coco, Ph.D. Associate Director, Technology Transfer and Training, LTRC (ex-officio)
Norma Jean Mattei, Ph.D., P.E. Civil Engineering Chairman, University of New Orleans
Katherine Raymond, Ph.D School of Science and Engineering, Tulane University
Eric Kalivoda, Ph.D., P.E. Assistant Secretary, Planning and Programming, DOTD
M. Todd Donmyer, P.E. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Operations, DOTD
Nazimuddin "Wasi" Wasiuddin, Ph.D., P.E. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Louisiana Tech University
George Voyiadjis, Ph.D. Professor, Louisiana State University
Ken McManis, Ph.D., P.E. Professor and Head of Department of Civil Engineering, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Dimitrios Dermisis, Ph.D., P.E. Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, McNeese State University
Alex Hak-Chul Shin, Ph.D., P.E. Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Southern University
Laura Phillips, Observer Federal Highway Administration

LTRC Foundation

Name Affiliation
Samuel B. Cooper, Jr. LTRC
Tyson Rupnow LTRC
Mary Leah Coco LTRC
Christopher P. Knotts DOTD
Eric Kalivoda DOTD
M. Todd Donmyer DOTD
Nazimuddin Wasiuddin Louisiana Tech University
Ken McManis University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Alex Hak-Chul Shin Southern University
Katherine Raymond Tulane University
George Voyiadjis Louisiana State University
Norma Jean Mattei University of New Orleans
Dimitrios Dermisis McNeese State University
Robert Yeargain Asphalt Products Unlimited
Michael Demouy Concrete and Aggregates Association of Louisiana
Ken Naquin Associated General Contractors
Barker Dirmann ACEC of Louisiana

Download the LTRC Foundation brochure

The LTRC Foundation is governed by a board of directors whose composition reflects the nature of the transportation community (public, private, and academic). Included in this group are three representatives of DOTD, two LTRC administrative positions, four private industry representatives, and representatives of the seven Louisiana universities with engineering programs (University of New Orleans, Southern University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana Tech University, McNeese State University, Tulane University, and Louisiana State University).

The LTRC Foundation: The foundation was chartered as a non-profit corporation instituted solely for the purpose of enhancing and supporting LTRC. A primary purpose of LTRC is to establish cooperation among the groups who work to improve Louisiana’s transportation systems. The LTRC Foundation represents a unique opportunity for government, industry, and academia to partner in meeting that expectation.

Accomplishments: The foundation exists to enhance and support LTRC as the focus for 1) transportation and safety infrastructure research, 2) education, and 3) transportation training in Louisiana. The first goal of the foundation was to plan, develop, and construct the Transportation Training and Education Center (TTEC) for the entire transportation community. This goal was realized when TTEC became operational in January 2006.

Other accomplishments include the ALF (Accelerated Loading Facility) Building and addition of the ATLaS 30, which maximizes pavement testing by simulating the effects of dual truck tires at maximum loads over various distances on both asphalt and concrete pavements. In addition, the foundation has led the distribution of AASHTO scholarships and awards to local students, impacting the next generation of leadership in the transportation community.

Future Goals: While the foundation is proud of its accomplishments, much work remains in the quest to lead LTRC to national prominence. Future goals for the LTRC Foundation include:

  • Planning and construction of a new LTRC building
  • Enhancing the research/equipment capabilities of LTRC
  • Endowing LTRC Research Professorships
  • Promoting TTEC as a regional center for transportation workforce development

Supporting the LTRC Foundation: The LTRC Foundation seeks to effect a true public/private partnership for improving transportation in Louisiana. In that regard, parties interested in supporting the foundation are encouraged to contact the LTRC Director or any member of the LTRC Foundation Board of Directors for further information.

Tax Exempt status of foundation: The LTRC Foundation was incorporated as a non-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and has been assigned an Employer Identifi cation Number, 72-1350383. Tax exempt status was approved by the IRS on April 10, 1998. Accordingly, donors may deduct contributions to the foundation as provided in Section 170 of the Code.