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The Transportation Training and Education Center (TTEC) is a progressive partnering effort between the public and private sectors of the transportation industry. TTEC’s strategy is to assist and enable workforce development using principles of Strategic Human Capital Improvement. The goals of this strategy are to create and provide sound training; transition current classes/training into the distance learning environment where appropriate; and incorporate instructional design concepts, utilizing the talents of formally trained designers to update and modernize courses.

TTEC is dedicated to the delivery of transportation training, professional development opportunities, continuing education, and technology transfer to engineers, technicians, and other professionals from Louisiana’s public and private sectors. Through this new facility, LTRC is expanding the scope and availability of training, thereby serving a larger population.

TTEC specializes in adult learning. Content-rich training is delivered through a variety of mediums: on-site instruction, videoconferences, webinars, and web-based content.

When you attend a training event at TTEC, you can focus on learning. TTEC provides the latest in distance learning technology along with the support staff to manage it. We offer a variety of learning configurations—from small, hands-on classes to large group meetings.

Participating in training events at TTEC is an effective way to consolidate the amount of off-site training you need. TTEC’s location on LSU’s campus is easily accessible for students throughout the region.

TTEC’s state-of-the-art transportation research library offers access to worldwide information sources such as the LSU Library database and Transportation Libraries Catalog, and a full-time librarian is on site to assist with any research needs. Be sure to visit the link to the library’s homepage on the LTRC Web site (

Sample of Activities

  • Offering more than 350 courses, including NHI, FHWA, computer, and safety classes
  • Professional development courses led by distinguished visiting professors
  • Event management of conferences, seminars, and workshops


  • 100-seat classroom style lecture facility
  • Two general purpose classrooms
  • A hands-on computer training classroom
  • An executive conference room
  • State-of-the-art research library

Our presentation technology includes:

  • High Definition 1080p LED Projector
  • Two 55” 1080p LED Confidence Monitors
  • eGlass – Illuminated Transparent Lightboard with Built in Camera (must be scheduled in advance)
  • AV System Integrated Desktop Computer
  • BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” - Laptop and Auxiliary Source Inputs in HDMI and VGA
  • Crestron Fully Integrated AV Control System
  • Virtual Meeting and Webinar Hosting up to 300 attendees (Zoom - must be scheduled in advance)
  • In-network Point to Point (P2P) Video Conferencing (DOTD)
  • Whole Room Audio and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Video for Virtual and In-network P2P Meetings
  • Presentation Remote Control and Laser Pointer
  • Split Screen Presentation (Select Rooms)
  • Presenter and Attendee Microphones (Auditorium)
  • XGA Document Camera

TTEC Facility Map

TTEC computer lab