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Fact Sheets

Serving as a way to quickly communicate research results and implemented projects in a less technical fashion, the fact sheet is written with the general public and decision makers in mind. It showcases the problem addressed, what research was done, why it should be implemented, and potential fiscal impacts the final product brings to the state. For more information on any project highlighted in the fact sheet, readers can visit the research project's final report and technical summary.

DOTD Evaluates and Integrates Pavement Management System Performance to Yield Savings

  • LTRC Project 04-2P: Development of Index Based Pavement Performance Models for Pavement Management System (PMS) of LADOTD
  • For more information, visit these links: Final Report 460, Technical Summary 460

Update LADOTD Policy on Pile Driving Vibration Management

Concrete Testing Device Provides Substantial Savings

  • LTRC Project 10-1C: Evaluation of the Surface Resistivity Measurements as an Alternative to the Rapid Chloride Permeability Test for Quality Assurance and Acceptance
  • For more information: Final Report 479Technical Summary 479

New Concrete Mixtures Turn Waste into Quality Roads

  • LTRC Project 09-4C: Evaluation of Ternary Cementitious Combinations

Aggregate Mixture Found to Increase Safety on Roads

  • LTRC Project 04-5B: Implementation of New OGFC Specifications

DOTD Implements Soil Measuring Device to Increase Life of Pavements

  • LTRC Project 03-3P: Comparative Evaluation of Subgrade Resilient Modulus from Non-destructive, In-situ, and Laboratory Methods
  • For more information: Final Report 417Technical Summary 417