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Training and Education

Through the technology transfer program, LTRC answers its broader responsibilities to the transportation community. By means of publications, seminars, courses, and workshops, LTRC creates a communications network for dispersing information and sharing knowledge that spans from emerging research and technology to the grass-roots level of application.

The center's commitment to education includes a broad base of support for higher education. LTRC coordinates the statewide DOTD Engineer Resource Development program, which provides structured rotational training for entry-level engineers. In an effort to encourage the best and brightest students of today to lead the transportation industry tomorrow, the Support Program for Senior Projects in Civil Engineering encourages civil engineering students to pursue transportation as a field of study, to consider DOTD as a potential employer, and supports and enhances civil engineering departments in the Louisiana higher education system. LTRC also manages the Cooperative Education program for civil engineers, a cooperative endeavor between DOTD and universities within Louisiana to employ full-time university students to perform engineering work and receive practical experience in the field of civil and transportation engineering.

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