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Active Research

When a research study begins, a project capsule is published, outlining the need for the research, the study's objectives and methodology, and the potential for future implementation. LTRC publications are available as .pdf downloads. Click below to install Adobe Acrobat Reader for free:

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Click on an area listed below to see active research in that area. Then, click on the project title to download the capsule:


23-3B: Effect of Longitudinal Joint Construction and Density on Asphalt Pavement Performance— Phase I – State of the Practice

23-2B: Evaluation of Non-Destructive Test Pilot Projects

23-1B: Effect of Fillers on the Moisture Resistance and Performance of HMA

22-1B: Evaluation of Saturates/Aromatics/Resins/ Asphaltenes (SARA) Fractionation of Asphalt Binders in Louisiana

21-5B: Improvement of Open-Graded Friction Course (OGFC) Performance and Durability through Materials, Design, and Maintenance

20-1B: Evaluation of Performance and Life-Cycle Cost of Asphalt (8/18 Specifications)

19-4B: Implementation of Semi-circular Bend (SCB) Test for QC/QA of Asphalt Mixtures

19-2B: Development of a Moisture Sensitivity Test for Asphalt Mixtures

17-4B: Development of a 4.75-mm (No. 4) NMS Mixture


22-2C: Optimizing Aggregate Gradation to Reduce Concrete’s Permeability

22-1C: Influence of Internal Curing on Concrete’s Permeability in Simulated Field Conditions

20-2C: Using the Portable XRF to Identify/Verify Field Material Properties

20-1C: Evaluation of the Miniature Concrete Prism Test (MCPT) for use in DOTD


23-2GT: Field Evaluation of Geophysical Applications for DOTD

23-1GT: LiDAR for Geotechnical Applications

21-2GT: Geotechnical Database, Phase IV

21-1GT: Internal Friction Angle of Sands with High Fines Content

20-3GT: Development of a Design Methodology for Geosynthetic Reinforced Pavement using Finite Element Numerical Modeling

20-2GT: Instrumentation and Modeling of Geosynthetic Load Transfer Platform Performance


22-1P: Performance Index Rating and Maintenance Cost Assignment for Ramps, Acceleration Lanes, and Deceleration Lanes in Louisiana

21-1P: Prediction of Road Condition and Smoothness for Flexible and Rigid Pavements in Louisiana Using Neural Networks

20-4P: Assessment of DOTD’s Friction Aggregate Sources through Laboratory and Accelerated Testing

19-2P: Mechanistic Characterization of Asphalt Overlays for Pavement Rehabilitation and Preservation Using Pavement ME Approach

18-2P: Mitigating Joint Reflective Cracks using Stone Interlayers: Case Study on Louisiana Highway 5, Desoto Parish

18-1P: Exploration of Drone and Remote Sensing Technologies in Highway Embankment Monitoring and Management (Phase I)


22-3SA: Development of Statewide Design Guidelines for Improving Pedestrian Safety on High-Speed Arterials in Louisiana

21-1SA: Highway Safety Culture Assessment through Louisiana’s Regions

20-1SA: Evaluation of Traffic Crash Characteristics on Elevated Sections of Interstates in Louisiana

19-3SA: Pedestrians and Bicyclists Count, Phase 2: Implementing and Applying Multimodal Demand Data

Special Studies

23-8SS: Best Practices for Maintenance of Control Access Fencing

23-5SS: Improved Incident Response through Coordinated, Interoperable Communications

23-4SS: Statewide Non-Motorized Traffic Monitoring Study

23-3SS: Estimating HCM Default Parameters for Louisiana

22-5SS: Analyzing Human Mobility for Active Transportation Planning in Louisiana

22-4SS: Economic Impact of Access Management Treatments

22-3SS: Testing the Hurricane Evacuation Modeling Package (HEMP)

19-5SS: Assessing the Economic Benefits of the Transportation Infrastructure Model for Development (TIMED) Program

10-6SS: Establishing an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Lab at LTRC Phase II


22-3ST: Evaluation of Embedded Pile Resistance of Scour Critical Bridges

22-2ST: Skew Detection System Replacement on Vertical Lift Bridges (Phase II)

20-1ST: Developing the Load Distribution Formula for Louisiana Culverts