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Technology Today

Technology Today is LTRC's quarterly newsletter that publicizes the center's current research projects and technology transfer initiatives. Click on the volume number to view the pdf.

  • Volume 37, Number 3

    photo of Tech Today cover

    • LTRC Project Aims to Get Pavement Management Out of a Rut
    • Competency Model Strengthens DOTD Training Efforts
    • AASHTO STEM Outreach Solutions
    • Life-Saving Skills

  • Volume 37, Number 2

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    • Special Studies: Driving Innovation for Safer and Efficient Transportation
    • Researchers Explore Crash Characteristics and Speed Limits on Elevated Interstate Sections
    • ITS and Traffic Research Lab Q + A
    • Complete Streets: A Look into What is Missing

  • Volume 37, Number 1

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    • Louisiana Partners with Texas Researchers to Test Proposed Bridge Barriers
    • LTRC’s Dr. Gopu Collaborates with Professors Nationwide to Facilitate Webinar
    • LTRC Hosts MATHCOUNTS 2024 Regional Competition
    • LTAP Director Steve Strength Celebrates Retirement

Back Issues


  • Volume 36, Number 4
    • Louisiana Researchers Find Cable Median Barriers Save Lives
    • Migration to New Training System a Success
    • LTRC Represented at 103rd TRB Meeting
    • Louisiana Students Receive Scholarships by SASHTO and DOTD
  • Volume 36, Number 3
    • Researchers Explore Solutions to Roadway Edge Drop-offs
    • International Research Collaboration Finalized
    • Enhancing DOTD's Workforce through Leadership Development
  • Volume 36, Number 2
    • New Professional Writing Course
    • Walk, Bike, or Roll: LTAP's Initiative to Enhance Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety in Louisiana
    • Shedding Light on Louisiana's Nighttime Intersection Safety
    • Five Ways AI Can Assist in Adult Education
  • Volume 36, Number 1
    • 2023 Louisiana Transportation Conference
    • Transportation Awards and Recipients
    • LTC Sponsors
    • Research and Training By the Number


  • Volume 35, Number 4
    • Lafayette Consolidated Government Sets Standards Using LTRC Concrete Research
    • Concrete Lab Leading Way in ICC Research
    • Concrete Lab Q + A
    • Electrical Surface Resistivity Testing
    • Aaron Brown Joins Concrete Lab
    • LTAP's Roads Scholar Class
  • Volume 35, Number 3
    • LTRC Asphalt Research Continues to Have Industry Effects
    • Meet the Asphalt Training Manager
    • Aphalt Lab Question and Answer
    • LPA Core Qualification Training
    • Dr. Bian Chosen as Research Fellow
  • Volume 35, Number 2
    • LTC Virtual Conference Offers New Experience
    • SafeStop MASH Trailer Video
    • New Patent Awarded for Bendable Concrete
    • Dr. Gopu Appointment and Award
    • Louisiana LTAP Keeps Strong Partnerships
  • Volume 35, Number 1
    • Rumble Strips on Two-Lane Highways Show Significant Safety Benefit
    • Steve Strength Honored with NLTAPA Achievement Award
    • DOTD, SASHTO Award Louisiana Engineering Students with Scholarships
    • LTRC Represented at 101st TRB Meeting
    • Louisiana to Host 2022 AASHTO Spring Meeting


  • Volume 34, Number 4
    • Flooding Assessment Project Earns Top Research Award
    • DOTD District Trainers Gather for Bi-annual Meeting
    • REU Program Visits LTRC
    • DOTD Seeks to Improve Consultant Plan Quality by Launching Assessment Study
    • LTAP Center Develops a List of Training Resources for Local Public Agencies
    • LTC Goes Virtual in 2022
  • Volume 34, Number 3
    • New Class Explores How Generations Influence Work Environments
    • Researchers Study the Effects of Increased Asphalt Pavement Density
    • LTAP Creates Training Video, Holds Virtual Showcases
    • Field Trips Resume with Brusly Middle as First Participants
    • Local Researcher’s Citation Impact Attracts National Attention
  • Volume 34, Number 2
    • Louisiana Acquires Probe Data to Shed Light on Congestion and Road System Performance
    • DOTD Expands Testing Opportunities
    • Researchers Create Conversion Application
    • LTRC Participates Virtually at TRB
    • Louisiana Students Awarded Scholarships


  • Volume 34, Number 1
    • Researchers Evaluate Signage Effectiveness at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
    • A Tribute to Colleague and Friend, Kirk Zeringue
    • Training Shift to Online Offers Students New Experience
    • E-construction Research Awarded National High Value Research Award
    • Employee Spotlight: Norris Rosser
  • Volume 33, Number 4
    • 2020 LTC Highlights Innovation
    • Transportation Awards
    • Dr. Mohammad received Member Emeritus
    • Employee Spotlight: Mike Boudreaux
  • Volume 33, Number 3
    • J-Turns near Businesses Shown to Not Decrease Sales
    • New Accessible Word Template Available
    • LTRC Associate Director of Research Presents Darrell Elliott Lecture
    • A Closer Look: LTAP Team


  • Volume 33, Number 2
    • Local Pedestrian and Bicyclist Count Program Paves Way for Safer, Smarter Infrastructure
    • LTRC Launches Web Design Update
    • Louisiana Researchers Win Best Paper Award for Sustainability Work
    • Director of the Louisiana Local Technical Assistance Program Marie Walsh Retires
  • Volume 33, Number 1
    • Researchers Explore Safer Density Measuring Options
    • LTAP Director Receives Outstanding Public Service Award
    • 2020 LA Transportation Conference
    • A Closer Look: LTRC's Publications Department
    • Employee Spotlight: Keri Runnels


  • Volume 32, Number 4
    • Researchers Explore Electronic Field Data Collection
    • LTAP Lagniappe in the Big Easy
    • "Introduce a Teacher to Engineering" Visits LTRC
    • LTRC's New Registration Management System
    • New Employee Spotlight: Jose Milla, Ph.D., E.I.
  • Volume 32, Number 3
    • 2018 Louisiana Transportation Conference Hits Record Attendance
    • Transportation Awards and Recipients
    • New Crash Countermeasures Found to Reduce Crash Rates & Severity
    • New Employee Spotlight: Shirley Mamou
  • Volume 32, Number 2
    • Researchers Create a Test Simulation to Explore Safety of Connected Vehicles
    • LTAP's Tractor Mower Safety Travels Across State
    • LTRC Paper Selected for National Meeting & Publications
    • Roads and Bridges Magazine Features LTRC Research


  • Volume 32, Number 1
    • LTRC Finds New Pavement Structural Testing Device Leads to Better Decisions for Road Repair and Design
    • Heat Straightening Workshop Hosted at LTRC
    • ERDP and Co-Op Program
  • Volume 31, Number 4
    • LTRC Receives High Value Research Award
    • DOTD Innovations Showcase to Highlight Smart Solutions Across the State
    • New Online Form to Streamline All Training Requests
    • Specifications Book Roadshow
  • Volume 31, Number 3
    • LTRC Supports Students in Global Hyperloop Race
    • Louisiana Aims to Reach Destination Zero Deaths
    • LTRC Celebrates 30 Years
    • Tech Today Moves Towards Electronic Distribution
  • Volume 31, Number 2
    • TRAC and RIDES in Motion in Area Classrooms
    • LTRC Represented at 96th Annual TRB Meeting
    • Mini-Workshop Assists Louisiana Faculty Gain and Understanding of DOTD Research Needs

Please contact the LTRC Public Information Office for any other back issues not listed above.