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LTRC Publications

The publications and electronic media development program serves as the voice of LTRC through publishing, multimedia development, and video/audiovisual production. As the communications bridge between research and the scientific community and training and the employee, LTRC disseminates research results, facilitates technology transfer, explores new training methods, and produces effective training materials. By integrating experienced designers, production artists, and writers with state-of-the-art design workstations and software, LTRC houses a powerful internal resource for the design, print, and visual elements of DOTD’s training programs. These include workbooks, training guides, program logos and identities, participant materials and other training aids, and video and multimedia training and communication solutions. LTRC’s publications and digital media development functions as a dynamic complement to all aspects of the business of LTRC; through its efforts, LTRC produces materials that further the work and goals of both research and training.

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Annual Reports

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Completed Research Projects

Research studies are complete when the results have been published in the final report, which serves as a permanent record of the researcher's work. It includes a thorough analysis of the project's objectives, methodology, results, and implementation potential. The technical summary is a brief synopsis of a project's final report, highlighting the study's results and implementation potential.

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Research Implementation

Implementation Impacts: LTRC's newest publication, Implementation Impacts, is a four-page brochure that gives 8-10 summaries of the center's latest research projects that have been implemented across the state. Written in a non-technical style, it quickly displays cost and safety benefits that can be expected and explains the background and research approach of each project.

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Fact Sheets: Serving as a way to quickly communicate research results and implemented projects in a less technical fashion, the fact sheet is written with the general public and decision makers in mind. It showcases the problem addressed, what research was done, why it should be implemented, and potential fiscal impacts the final product brings to the state. For more information osn any project highlighted in the fact sheet, readers can visit the research project's final report and technical summary.

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Technical Assistance

LTRC's research section often provides technical assistance to field and headquarters engineers in the way of new product evaluations, collection and analysis of field information, and problem-solving recommendations. The technical assistance report documents these efforts.

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Technology Today: Technology Today is LTRC's quarterly newsletter that publicizes the center's current research projects and technology transfer initiatives.

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Technology Exchange: The Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) publishes Technology Exchange quarterly to inform local agencies about useful new technologies and the variety of free educational services that LTAP offers.

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