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Technical Assistance Reports

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LTRC's research section often provides technical assistance to field and headquarters engineers in the way of new product evaluations, collection and analysis of field information, and problem-solving recommendations. The technical assistance report documents these efforts.

Report Number Report Name
22-01TA-B Evaluation of Isocyanate Asphalt Additive View Report
21-01TA-P Forensic Evaluation of Pavement Structure: Ponderosa Drive in East Baton Rouge Parish View Report
20-02TA-SS Literature Review of Mileage-Based Road User Fees View Report
19-02TA-SA Golf Carts on Public Roads–Literature Review of Legislation and State of the Practice in the United States View Report
19-01TA-SA Impact of Crosswalk Lighting Improvements on Pedestrian Safety–A Literature Review View Report
19-03TA-P Structural Assessment of Inundated Roads in Livingston Parish, Louisiana with the Falling Weight Deflectometer View Report
19-01TA-C A Review of the Louisiana Department of Transportation's Structural Concrete Specifications in Response to House Resolution No. 309 View Report
View Summary
19-01TA-B Variability of In-Line RAP Crushing vs. Pre-Screened Stockpiles View PDF
18-01TA-SA SHSP-HSP Crosswalk: A Tabular Comparative Presentation of Louisiana’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) and Highway Safety Plan (HSP) View PDF
18-04TA-P Submerged Road Characteristics and Distresses on LA 493, Natchitoches Parish, State Project Number H.011071 View PDF
17-02TA-SA Distracted Driving: Strategies and State of the Practices View PDF
17-01TA-C Cracked Pavement Investigation View PDF
17-01TA-SA Traffic Safety Messages on Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) View PDF
17-04TA-P Assessing the Noise Attenuation Effects of Trees and Vegetation in Louisiana’s Environment View PDF
17-01TA-SS Literature Review of the Implications of Differential Speed Limit Implementation View PDF
16-03TA-C Evaluation of Cores from Jefferson Highway Near Airline Highway View PDF
15-01TA-C Evaluation of Cores from I-10 between Acadian Thruway and College Drive View PDF
14-01TA-P Joor Road Noise Level Assessment View PDF
14-02TA-B Evaluation of Rutting Distresses on I-20 Near Minden, LA View PDF
13-02TA-P Assessment of Mitigating Transverse Joint Faulting with Polyurethane Foam on LA 1 By Pass, State Project Number 034-30-0023 View PDF
  LADOTD Pavement Design Guide View PDF
13-01TA-B Evaluation of Rutting Distresses on I-20 near Mound to Delta Scales View PDF
12-01TA-C Evaluation of Girder Cores from the US 90 Bayou Ramos Bridge View PDF
11-1TA Evaluation of the LA 1 Bridge at the Morganza Flood Control Structure View PDF
09-1TA Impact of Left Lane Truck Restriction Strategies on Multilane Highways in Louisiana—A Literature Review View PDF
08-4TA Assessing Performance of Alternative Pavement Marking Materials

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08-3TA Bottom Ash Test Section Evaluation - Erwinville, LA View PDF
08-2TA Assessment of Tri-Dyne Precast Concrete Panels View PDF
07-2TA Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Roadways in the New Orleans Area View PDF
07-1TA Effect of Speed Limit Increase on Crash Rate on Rural Two-Lane Highways in Louisiana View PDF
06-1TA Evaluation of HMA Mixtures Containing Sasobit® View PDF
03-3TA Evaluation of Roadside Emergency Call Box Technology View PDF
03-2TA Assessment of the Uretek Process on Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement, Jointed Concrete Pavement, and Bridge Approach Slabs View PDF
03-1TA New Product Evaluation Aucem Cement Blend Lone Star Industries, Inc. View PDF
04-2TA NOVACHIPTM Surface Treatment Six Year Evaluation View PDF
04-1TA Evaluation of Open-Graded Friction Course Mixture View PDF
01-4TA Friction Testing for the National Highway System for 2001 View PDF
01-2TA Evaluation of Structural Capacity of Shoulder During Rehabilitation of 1-10 Near Rayne, Acadia Parish View PDF
01-1TA Long Term Performance of Stone Interlayer Pavement View PDF
00-1TA Evaluation of Cement Treated Base Courses View PDF
22 Friction Testing for Abnormal Wet Weather Accident Locations View PDF
19 Evaluation of the Use of Shredded Tires Around Buried Pipes View PDF
18 Case History: Use of Tenax and Tensar Geogrids for Base Course Stabilization View PDF
17 Louisiana ITS Strategic Plan Executive Summary View PDF
16 Investigation into the Installation of Wireless Facilities in Highway Right-of-Way in Louisiana View PDF
15 Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development In-house versus Consultant Design Cost Study View PDF
14 Evaluation of the Tensile Properties of Tenax Geogrid View PDF
13 Pilot Project for an Imporved Sugar Cane and Harvest Transport System View PDF
12 NovachipTM Surface Treatment View PDF
9 Speed Limit Study for the State of Louisiana View PDF
7 Analysis of Traffic Signal Work Backlog in Louisiana View PDF
6 I-10 Pavement Distress Ramah-Westover East & West Sections View PDF
5 Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development's response to State Concurrent Resolution no. 126 View PDF
3 Investigation into the cost-effectiveness of using consultants versus in-house staff in providing professional engineering services for Louisiana's Department of Transportation and Development View PDF
2 Investigation into longitudinal placement of fiber-optic cable in Interstate right-of-way in Louisiana View PDF
1 Comparative study of expenditure on highways in Louisiana View PDF