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The Louisiana Parish Engineers and Supervisors Association (LPESA) was founded in 1972 to foster and maintain a high professional spirit among Louisiana parish's public works and engineering employees. It provides instructive, entertaining, and important programs to those primarily concerned with the planning, operation, and maintenance of parish infrastructure. The LPESA is an organization through which programs may be coordinated among parishes and other government agencies. The organization's goal is to include an active member in every parish in Louisiana. CLICK HERE to visit the LPESA website.

2019 Fall Conference

October 2-3, 2019
Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel, Charenton

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Presentations available online:

For Winter Weather Response, Let's Volt In!
Skip Breeden, Director of Emergency Operations, DOTD
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LTAP Announcements
Steve Strength, PE, PTOE, Director, Louisiana LTAP Center
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Associate Member Showcase I: No Discharge Sanitary Sewer Plant with Low-Cost Innovative Tertiary Treatments? Why Not?
Diane Baum, CEO/Environmental Director, Baum Environmental Group
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PANEL DISCUSSION: Overcoming Challenges in Flood Management
Click here: Billy Williamson, Statewide Flood Control Program Manager, DOTD
Click here: Pat Landry, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Public Works, DOTD
Click here: Jennifer Rachal, Floodplain Management Outreach Manager, DOTD
Click here: Billy Douglas, DOTD ESF-3 Lead Coordinator, DOTD
Click here: Doug Taylor, Director of Dams, Levees and Reservoir Development, DOTD

Parish Success Stories / Agency Highlights
David Rome, Public Works Director, Terrebonne Parish
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How Do We Reach Zero Deaths on Local Roads? Updates from the Local Road Safety Program (LRSP)
Leo Marretta, LRSP Manager, Louisiana LTAP Center
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Associate Member Showcase II: Specs for Scrub Seals
Stan Williams, Technical Marketing Manager, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.
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To Bid or Not to Bid: Procurement Code and Bid Law for Public Entities
Paul Holmes, Procurement Consultant, LaMATS
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Local Roads in LA: Navigating Around the Web Map
Christophe Fillastre, Pavement Management Engineer, DOTD
Angela Murrell, Pavement Management Coordinator, DOTD
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Click here: iVision for Local Roads
Click here: Data Dictionary for Local Roads Web Application

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4)
Madeline Richard, Environmental Scientist, Louisiana DEQ
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Every Day Counts Innovation: Drones for Bridge Inspection
Michael Burrows, Assistant Director of Aviation, DOTD
Joshua Duplantis, Aviation Technical Manager, DOTD
Jason Ball, Aviation Safety and Compliance Officer, DOTD
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Getting In the Weeds of Qualifications-Based Selection of Services
Doreen Brasseaux, CEO, American Council of Engineering Companies of Louisiana
Tony Arikol, President, Professional Engineering Consultants Corporation
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Are You On Track With Your Bridge Projects?
Barbara Ostuno, Off-System Bridge Program Manager, DOTD
Amanda Ranck, Assistant Off-System Bridge Program Manager, DOTD
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The Time Is Now: Get Your Bridge Load Rating on Schedule
Dana Feng, Assistant Bridge Engineer Administrator, DOTD
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